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How do you know you’re ready?

The decision to sell all or part of your business is always intensely personal. But the reasons to do so are relatively straightforward. As we begin talking directly with owners about their desire to take the first step towards acquisition, we focus on companies whose principals seek something besides a complete exit from the business. We have identified three specific scenarios that represent the majority of companies interested in taking that first step with us:

How should you think about valuation? How big do you need to be?

The size of a business is only one factor in valuation since businesses of any size can be attractive to potential acquirers. Besides size, the most important criteria in evaluating a potential acquisition are:

  • Quality of Management: We look for management that has demonstrated leadership skills and has the potential to grow within our organization.
  • Quality of Customers: We look for long-term stability in customer relationships.
  • Quality of Assets: We look for well-maintained facilities and assets in good locations.

How do you get started? What role might a private equity sponsored firm play?

Tech Air is a private equity-sponsored company, which means we’re well-capitalized and can maintain an aggressive acquisition strategy. In fact, we have a proven track record of purchasing high-quality businesses by offering an attractive alternative to the large consolidators. We have successfully completed eight add-on acquisitions since 2011 and we are looking to make additional acquisitions in the near future.

We are more flexible in structuring transactions and more entrepreneurial in our management style than large consolidators. We also provide the opportunity for sellers to reinvest a portion of their proceeds into our equity and; as a result, become partners. This is a lot of what we discuss with owners who simply want to inquire about taking the first step.

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